Cannot dertermine if updating rss feed

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Sonarr will talk to your download client to determine where the files have been downloaded and will import them automatically. If Sonarr and your download client are on different machines you will need to use Remote Path Mapping to link the remote path to a local one so Sonarr knows where to find the files.Sonarr relies on The XEM, a community driven site that lets users create mappings of shows that the scene (the people that post the files) and The TVDB (which typically follows the network's numbering).It seems a tip in a recent Useletter® (if you like quick tips, you should subscribe) has opened a can of worms.In case you missed it, here’s the gist of that tip: Amazon Associates affiliate links are not allowed in emails. Including the emails automatically sent to subscribers of your blog posts which contain Amazon Associates affiliate links. (If not, get one here.) You are an Amazon Associate. Because according to the participation requirements all Amazon Associates must agree to, you cannot share your affiliate links in email (or any other offline manner).

Active searching (via the indexer's API) is only done in a few situations: No.

It is, unlike the approach of many social media silo sites, the way the internet itself works, a distributed universe of independent, individual publishers that are openly connected. When they upgraded to API 1.1, twitter decided they did not need to provide RSS feeds. For example, if you view the HTML source of anything published on my blog (oh how much better the web would be if people were not afraid of doing a little detective work and bump their web literacy).

This information that Wordpress publishes by default in its templates, allows other sites and tools to “autodiscover” RSS feeds.

By default Sonarr will download the latest RSS feeds every 15 minutes.

Because of this, Sonarr is designed to be installed on a system that is running most of the time.

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