Coping with moral commitment to long distance dating relationships

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So viel Normalität wie möglich bewahren Dinge gemeinsam machen und die Bindung stärken Erwartungen und Grenzen festlegen Niemand behauptet, dass eine Fernbeziehung einfach ist – sie muss aber nicht notwendigerweise tragisch enden.Mit dem richtigen Engagement und guter Kommunikation kann eine Fernbeziehung stabiler werden als eine Beziehung, in der man sich geografisch nahe ist. Trust and the appraisal process in close relationships: In W. Perlman (Eds.), Advances in personal relationships (Vol. Non-academic “research” based on Facebook relationship status updates suggests a steady rise in breakups between the U. Although we find that LDRs can be as satisfying as GCRs, the first year of college may be an especially difficult transitional period., a commitment that is distinct from satisfaction (an instead is tied to a person’s values and identity), are less likely to break up during this transitional period.Those who are high in moral commitment are more likely to see the ‘costs’ of being apart as a high investment in the relationship, and this investment strengthens their commitment.

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According to, the Turkey Dump refers to when students returning home from college break-up with their significant others from high school.

The name for this freshman “tradition” was coined because this breakup typically occurs over Thanksgiving weekend, the first time many students return home from college.

At some schools, first-year students are even taught the Turkey Dump chant during frosh week: Terrible, I know. In one study about romantic relationships during the first year of college, about half of those in a long-distance relationship (LDR) broke-up with their partners before the end of the fall term (compared to less than 15% of those in a geographically close relationship, GCR).

Unfortunately, however, these studies do not specifically pinpoint Thanksgiving as when these break-ups occur. For some, Thanksgiving weekend is the last appropriate chance to end a LDR during the fall term (since breaking up with someone during the holiday season could be seen as cruel), but we still lack definitive research evidence to support this conclusion.

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